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Jul 5, 2020, 

                                                                         MOUNTING A HF ANTENNA
Isotron 80/40 Combination
Our most popular unit!
The best way to operate HF.
Easy installation
Excellent performance
Durable construction
CC&R friendly (XYL also)


We have verticals, dipoles, yagis, loops and, good heavens even Isotrons. What is the best support to mount your antenna on?
If you look closely at the advertising for many of the antennas, they are mounted on a metal mast. There is good reason for this.
Metal is strong. A light metal mast will hold up when properly supported. Metal masts can be acquired at a local hardware in many sizes.
However you say my plastic mast will do that too (not PVC).
There is one thing the plastic masts can not do, conduct electricity. You can electrically ground a metal pole. Having the end of a metal mast in the air is better than having only the antenna up there to take a static hit.
You say you can run a ground wire up the plastic pole. This is true, but if your coax is going up next to it, it could get interesting. What will the ground wire attach to? The antenna, or a conductive rod? A metal mast takes care of all this.
Metal masts, being of ground potential, can be used to tweak the impedance of the antenna, but that is for another time.
If you are going to put up a dipole, yagi, elevated vertical or an Isotron, a metal mast or structure can serve you better. Even the loops can be supported with metal masts, but that is not always practical. What ever mast you use, most antennas will work. The support mast will cause some variations with the antenna values.
Ralph WD0EJA
 Jul 5, 2020,

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