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 "I am located in a mobile home park and the Isotron (40) fits well into the restricted space I have available.  I have been having fun with my Isotron, many Hams I have worked are amazed at the results (and so am I).  I am mounted on a 2.5" diameter aluminum pole 22 feet high.  I have worked all around continental U.S. and some European and S.A. DX." - Bernie N4CR

 "I thought I'd drop a note in praise of your amazing antennas!.....I pulled my Isotron 40 out of mothballs and mounted it in the attic.   Since I was using the antenna indoors, I opted to run QRP only....To my pleasant surprise, the Isotron 40 worked like a champ!  I receive very good SSB signal reports from Hams in Vermon, Western Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware....The Isotron 20 has yielded AMAZING results.  In a very limited time I have worked SSB into F6, VO1, CT98 (twice, 59 signals both times), GI4, VP9, DJ9....all at 5 watts PEP.   I also was 59 to 9A5W." - Ray KF2VJ

 "I have an 80m Isotron for some years.  It is up only 20 feet on a Radio Shack mast leaning against my back porch - and I get 57 reports from the West Coast (I'm near Philadelphia, Pa.).  And quiet as a mouse." - Nancy AA3DP

 "Several months ago I purchased your 80/40 meter Isotron antennas for portable use in NY.  With my 100W IC706 I deliver a great signal, comparable to others using dipoles.  I had very little room for antennas at my location.  Your antennas are clearly the right choice - and they do work!" - Tom KR4BD

 "I have used your 80/40 meter Isotron while stationed in Guantanamo Bay and it worked great - Dept of the Navy"

 "I think they are great. I have a 10 and 15 meter. I live in an apartment and have no trouble getting out.  I also have an 11 meter for my CB." - William KB4TMX

 "I have been enjoying great success with your antennas. If you look back in your record, you will see that I have four of them, 80 through 15 meters. I have been shocking hams all over the country with the report on the size of my antenna. FANTASTIC. - Fred WB3GBF 

 "The 15 meter antenna I purchased from you in the spring of 1983 is still working and have had good reports." - Herb, San Antonio, TX

 "I have the Isotron 80/40 combination up and very pleased... they work great at 70'.   Here is my order for the Isotron 160." - Clem W8V0

 "I heard W7PEY on forty meters using your antenna and he was really pounding in.(I am in Los Angeles.)" - John W6EP

"We were talking with Fred (WB3GBF)-he was mobile in Lancaster, PA - with the Isotron 20 antenna.  He had a nice 5/9 signal.> First he tried a Hustler vertical then the Isotron.  The Hustler was a 3 to 5 S unit, while the Isotron was a 9 to 10 over.   A very marked improvement. So we are interested in your antennas." - Herb N1DOD

 "I have been using an Isotron 20,40 and 80 indoors for two years or so and get quite a few questions on the air, especially from the DX stations. I have no other antennae, so I rely on yours." - Glen, Jacksonville, FL

 "I have enjoyed my ISOTRON-40 for a long time and continually have to supply other stations with the reprint of yours as to how the antenna works. Now I am getting asked the question,'How can I get one of those?'" - Charlie N4IIA

 "On January 11 and 12 I got into the 73 Magazine ssb contest. I didn't try for maximum number of contacts. Rather I tried for maximum number of states. In less than three hours total time I worked 32 states and Puerto Rico; that last one is about 2,800 mile haul from Aurora, CO (90 watts). Not bad for what looks like a bird feeder." - Edwin W0IEQ

 "It is my great pleasure to inform you my satisfaction of you ISOTRON antenna!!   It is a miracle." - Keiichi Sasayuki JJ6TWQ

 "The antennas are now installed and working perfectly, and the customer is quite happy with them. Unfortunately, I did not bring a camera with me; it would have been nice to send you a picture of your antenna working in the hear of the Amazon rain forest, mounted on the bow of a 100' steel canoe, hauling gravel, rocks, stones and other material." - Servicios Tecnicos Nacionales, ECUADOR

 "I would just like to let you know that I took my Isotron 20 Meter to Myrtle Beach with me on vacation for a week. I used it with a Kenwood TS 440 S with an internal tuner. I was located on the second floor of a high rise condominium on the beach. I managed to work into Europe and Asia with no problem. Also South America and Western US was good as well. I got a lot of people asking what that was on my 2nd floor railing. I am attaching some photos for you. Please feel free to use them at your pleasure. Thanks for making a very convenient and quality product." - Harold E. Willis, W4HEW
FAO the brainy guys at the Bilal company
I just bought the 40/80 combination antenna and let the radio club assemble it one evening. Good quality materials, excellent instructions.
We erected it at the club on a 20' pole with the idea that we could do some comparisons with the main antennas (40m beam, 80m wire dipole)
40m works great and as soon as the Isotron test was mentioned on the Cluster, we had a pile up (Club callsign MN0AKU)
What we have at the moment is a the 40 and 80 back to back with a ladder line link, on a 20' pole erected about 50' away from the main station tower,( 40'-60' with an x7 beam and an 80m wire dipole strung over a stub mast on top). I am sure that if we fitted them up the top of the tower results would be better, but I had a s9 signal on 40 from a station 400miles away using only 60 watts - and the Isotron was laying down on the grass! The club is not the permanent home however, they cant have them!
Malcolm gi8afs
Good morning,
I have used your antennas before and they do work well. Find myself in need of some more. I believe you put togeather a combo for me of 15, 17 20 meters.
Vern KM4VC
From: Niece Haynes KA1ULN
I have had my Isotron's for over 20 years now and I love them.
When I brought them I did have a very large beam and a vertical, but wanted a single band antenna just to add on the tower.
Now I do not have a tower and have limited space. So the 40 meter and 80 meter isotrons are perfect.
They work perfect to fill in the gap from my dipole. I am looking for another isotron now.
Thanx Bilal
Isotron lover
Hi There,
I live in a house that has a very small rear garden (18 ft x 18 ft). I have always wanted to operate on Topband. I purchased your ISOTRON 160C two months ago and have so far worked 24 countries best DX so far into Asiatic Russia which was just over 2000 miles!
All on CW...I worked around 400 stations all over Europe and I am getting very good reports considering the size of this antenna !
I am monitoring my signals on the Reverse Beacon Network and it is putting out a decent signal into lots of SKIMMER sites all over Europe!
Needless to say I am more than pleased with it.
Best Regards de Ernie GI0GDF
Hi Ralph
How are things in the Mid-West?
I thought I would let you know how things are going with my isotron.
On 20m there are PLUSES ALL ROUND!!! I have spoken with Switzerland, Virginia USA, Sweden, Croatia & Austria!
All the stations contacted were highly impressed with my signal from the 20m Isotron. They can't believe that I am doing what I am doing with the length of the 20m element!
Henri (VK3PFJ)
From: William S. Lyter 
I am using the 20, 30, 80 meter Isotrons. Page 2 of the manual states "Grounding the bottom of the metal mast is important for outdoor installation." I only use the antennas for nighttime operations due to Condo antenna restrictions and mount the Isotrons on two 5 ft masts on a MFJ tripod. I do not ground the mast or tripod. After ops, I tear down the antennas and tripod.
All seem to work fine without grounding. Usually, if I
hear them, I work them. Is the grounding suggested for safety reasons or does it affect the performance of the antenna? Thanks,
W.S. Lyter N3YQA
P.S. The 30 meters seems to work the best! I get great signal reports from stateside and Europe!
"AM and CW the Hard Way" Lin Robertson/KJ6EF
Dear Mr. Bilal:
Got my Isotron 80 five years ago, and cut it for the high end of 75M, as I work AM/Boatanchor mode.
 My record for 100W AM with your Iso 80 is 2000 miles...not bad for AM and a compromise antenna! BA types can't believe it.
Lin Robertson/KJ6EF
I have worked S9 into Germany and S5 into Northern Italy and good reports from around the UK on 80 Metres. I tell all the contacts I make that I am using an Isotron.
Nick G0SSO
RE: Isotron 20
I have worked S9 into Germany and S5 into Northern Italy and good reports from around the UK on 80 Metres. I tell all the contacts I make that I am using an Isotron.
Thanks for all your help,
Nick G0SSO
Hi Ralph,
Just wanted to say that even though I can only achieve a 20 ft height for the 40/20, it's doing a remarkable job on 40. I've been getting very good signal reports between 7.180 - 7.200.
Hi William KR3G here.
I unboxed the 20 / 40 antenna combo saturday. I put the one plate on the 20 meter antenna, mounted it on a tripod 6 feet off the ground outside my condo window. I was impaitent so I tried just the 20 meter. in the first hour from Huntsville Alabama I worked Green Bay Wisconson, Texas, Boston, DC area, Denver and south Florida. WOW home run for me so far!!!
73 Will KR3G
I have had my Isotron's for over 20 years now and I love them.
When I brought them i did have a very large beam and a vertical, but wanted a single band antenna just to add on the tower.
Now I do not have a tower and have limited space. so the 40 meter and 80 meter isotrons are perfect.
They work perfect to fill in the gap from my dipole. I am looking for another isotron now.
Thanx Bilal
Isotron lover
From: "george" w8tsg
To: "isotronantennas" <>
Subject: Re: 80 meters
Date: Thursday, February 25, 2010 2:39 PM
U know how dx calls cq and their is a large amount of stations trying to get in, well I have never missed when I call the dx station. Also I can call for dx and get a lot of stations calling me and waiting for my next.
thanks     george
About 20 years ago I purchased an Isotron 80 and had a lot of fun with it. For a while (back then we didn't worry much about exposure to low frequency RF) I had it hanging in my shack from a 50# monofilament fishing line, with about 6 or 7 feet to the F
TS430 TXCR, and could work California evenings from my shack here in Northwest NJ. I had a helluva time convincing those stations that the 80 meter antenna was inside and less than 2 feet high, but I sold a few for you!
73 de Bob, N2EDF
 Use my 80/40/20 isotron setup for emergency deployment.(member ARES, SERT.)
I deploy them by attaching the mast to my 60' bucket truck boom. Can deploy antenna array in less than 20 minutes!!!!! (At 65 feet)
They work well, All and All, a great system......and draws attention!
PS: SERT means State Emergency Response Team, North Fl.
73, Bill KG4LFT
 Dear Ralph,
Thanks so much for your help the other day in resolving some of my questions. While I haven't final tuned my antenna to its environment, I think my antenna is working quite well. I will be final tuning it in the near future. It plays well and allows me to hear in all directions and clearly stronger signals in many directions as compared to the attic based G5RV junior.
After chatting with you, I went unto 80 meters (@3.78mhz) and worked first a fellow from VT (not too far from me but on the wrong skip according to him) and then chatted with a ham in Sweden! at 3.8 right where my antenna is centered. He gave me a 5-7 . I think that is pretty good for 50 watts on SSB.
You really are a genius who thinks outside the box especially as to how antennas physically can look and can function.
This is a superior 80 m design, and I am betting that the matching arrangement and the necessary attention to setting the unit up creates a superior performance in comparison to the standard dipole, despite the 2+ db bi-directional gain of the dipole. The advantage of the dipole in its best directions is most usually lost, because they work sub-optimized and the average person never details it out. The Isotron won't tolerate that so you must tune it up right and, then look out. The isotron has also been as lesson in reception as "out of tune" markedly affect the reception. As I write I am listening to a conversation on which my switchable dipole is able to hear only some of the stations (they are also having difficulty and are relaying some stations and are about to give up). They are right on my tuned center, and I am listening to all stations with no difficulty.
Thanks for all the help and learning and hope to meet you someday.
Ken Burgess
 Have you guys ever connected a 80-40-20 with one feed line?? I have a 40-20 and am very happy with the performance. I would like to get on 80m, and was wondering if connecting the 3 antennas would work!!!
Thanks for your response!!
Dennie Little
Antenna is great Tried all afternoon to get stastion in Fla. on Amelia isle and as soon as I put up isotron 20 he came back 5/9 I cant believe it worth every penny First iota contact fine business.
I am the happy recent purchaser of an Isotron 40. It works amazingly well.
Jay McCampbell
KJ4YOU (formerly KJ4MND)
From: Tim Clapper K3XI 
Dear Isotron,
Your antennas are excellent! I had a thought that may be of
interest to you.
I have a 20 meter, 15 meter and 10 meter Isotron antenna. mounted on 5 foot pole - 15th floor terrace railing. Just ordered a 6 meter antenna from AES. Great reports from the 3 antennas.
From: Kenneth Jackson 
I have an 80 meter Isotron which works well.
I sent the following email to the Isotron Users Yahoo Group. Thought you might be interested. Thanks, Scott N3YQA
Message flagged Thursday, December 29, 2011 2:53 PM
Message body
I decided to order the Isotron 40 Meter antenna from AES on Monday, 26 Dec.,and it was delivered 28 Dec., via UPS. Shipping cost was 4.99. I assembled the antenna and had it ready for HOA stealth operations/experimentation, but the weather was not cooperating with high winds last night! I decided to go ahead anyways and mounted the Isotron on my MFJ heavy duty tripod. Due
to the high winds I decided to only raise it up about 12 feet or so. I didn't want the high winds to topple my new antenna! (Total time for erection - 7 minutes HI HI)
With the tuning rod added to the Isotron I found it to be resonant at the lower end of 40 meters, which is just where Iwanted it. I transmitted CQ using the JT65 mode on 7076MHZ and PSK31 mode on 7036MHZ. As you can see below, there were 65 spots ( on my signal from as far away as Switzerland and Ireland. Most of the spots are from the U.S. and Canada. My first PSK31 QSO was with with a Cuban station (CO2MS). After about 90 minutes I went outside to check on the antenna and
noticed the wind had turned the Isotron about 90 degrees and I decided to take it down and wait for better conditions.
Overall, I consider my first use of the 40 meter Isotron a success and can't wait for the winds to taper off, which will give me the ability to get the antenna up a little higher!
In conclusion, I must say I am very satisfied with the Isotron 40 meter antenna. The Isotron does work/resonate and I will say again, it is what it
Scott - N3YQA
P.S. See you on 40 Meters! Thanks Bilal Company!!
From: paul vk2hmv
> Email:
> ------------------------------------------------------
> hello. i just did wont to let you know what a good antenna your 20 meter one
> is. i have had one up for about 10 months now and i have work DX all over
> the world on QRP and high power and it has worked so well. i have told my
> friends all over the world what i think about it. 73 from australia. paul
> vk2hmv

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