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I hope you donít get tired of hearing from me every winter, but thatís when I go into ďHF modeĒ.† Again this season the Isotron 20 comes through! This time I have a most unusual set-up. The antenna is mounted on a 6 ft metal pipe, insulated at the bottom to get proper SWR (!) and resting inside an aluminum window frame. The SWR is <2:1 across entire band with no tuner. I have a RF choke inline to eliminate those nasty RF burns. Working Canada and NW U.S today in lousy conditions with 100 watts.† Of course, Iím up 250ft which helps. I donít expect miracles, but Iíve stopped wondering why the Isotron works and just enjoy working 20 meters.†† Thanks as always.

Matt K9EMF
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