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I have used the Isotron for years, they are the greatest thing that I have

found, I have made contacts all over the world, I have 80,40,20,10,15

meters, I run my AL 1200 with them with no problems, I would recommend to

any Ham to try one, I have told several Hams that purchased them and they

are completely satisfied.


 Bill n5paf





Just a note to tell you how pleased I am with the Isotron 160 meter and 20

meter antennas I purchased. They work great and have met all my

expectations. No smoke and mirrors here your antennas just work. 

From one very satisfied customer








Hi Ralph,


Thanks for the update and info. Had QSO with Kiribati from CA on my other Isotron 20. It was mounted on a paint roller extension shaft (7') in my dining room. Got 579! Other station was using home made 1/2 wave vertical stuck in the sand. He was 1 KW, I was 50W. Not too much fun - right?!! ??


73, Dave W7AMX




Hello Ralph, Just purchased an Isotron 80 Antenna from AES. One of my last purchases from them. I would like to know if I can use this antenna next to my other Isotron antennas, or do I have to place this antenna on top of the others.?My old call was N2EBT and now is N4CGE as I am an Extra now . I like these antennas and the people I talk to , give me good feedback on them. Hope all is okay. Thanks in advance. Chris  N4CGE 




Hi Ralph,

It was easy. I built it and mounted it on a 6' piece of plastic pipe and strapped the pipe to one of the posts of my deck railing. I hooked the coax from the 160C to my rx bridge and ran it into the rx. I set the X dial to 0 and set the R dial to about 25 ohms. I swept the 160 meter band listening and watching the S-meter for a dip. I adjusted the R knob for any more dip in sound noise and it read about 25 ohms. I guessed the radiation resistance correctly. ;^). Next, I removed the rx bridge and shot a cw carrier into the 160 C. I got an SWR of 2:1 at resonance which was spot-on! ;^). I use a simple L/C match to affect a 1:1 SWR. Ain't life grand? The resonant freq was right where I wanted it without tuning the rod. The guys I talk wid at night can't believe how strong my signal is from an antenna no bigger than my body, volume-wise, and close to the ground. I can't believe it either. I call it a 3-D antenna. Can U imagine how well it would work if I could elevate it? Wow!

Very 73,

Jim (K3BT)






My call sign is: G8JXU. 

I already have your 40m ISOTRON. 

It works very well at only 3 m high. 

I would Like to buy a 20m & 10m but cannot find anybody selling here in the


Can you help if I pay by PAYPAL. 








Thanks Ralph, its working fine now, I was surprise at how easy it is to tune .(AM Broadcast Antenna)






I purchased your 20 m isotron antenna a few months ago and it's up and operating .I installed it with the help of another ham and it works perfectly .it is a five star antenna. I am 89 years old and have been licensed since I was 16 years old. I was an electronic technician in the Coast Guard during World War .I have had many antennas from dipoles to quads and beams , but I now live in a restricted community so my antennas are limited to an attic antenna which I have and an inconspicuous outdoor antenna. With the help of another ham we installed your antenna on one end of a 10 foot piece of pipe. We had a10 foot piece of smaller pipe which we drove 5 feet into the ground. We put a 1 foot piece of pipe over the grounded pipe and then put the 10 foot section with the antenna onto the grounded section which put the antenna 11 feet above ground and just over the edge of the roof. We had a good ground because the outer pipe had a snug fit with the grounded pipe .I used a 25 foot piece of RG 8X coax to connect the antenna to my tuner .with the use of aMFJ model 259 B at SWR analyzer set at the center of the 20 m band . David my friend used a wooden pole to push the adjustable capacitor part of the antenna until we had a 121 reading on the meter .I checked the SWR at both ends of the 20 m band and the SWR was 2-1. I wanted an outdoor antenna so I could use my Alpha 87 a linear amplifier for SSB operation .my indoor antennas limited to 100 W which is fine for CW and some SSB operation , but I didn't want my linear amplifier to sit silent drama desk.. Even with the poor band conditions that we are experiencing I have made phone contacts with 400 W into the antenna to Europe, Central and South America and the USA .I received attendee be over nine report from a station in North Carolina .needless to say Ralph I am completely satisfied with your antenna. it only took David and may about five minutes to adjust the tuning Rod for the one-to-one SWR reading .I don't know why anyone has a problem with this antenna because it's a simple tune circuit consisting of an inductor wound for 20 m and a variable capacitor to tune it .I did compare the reception with my attic antenna and noted that the attic antenna was one S unit more than the isotron, but the attic antenna was noisier ,so even though the isotron had a slightly lower reading I found it easier to copy CW and listen to phone on it than the dipole. Thank you for making it possible for me to have an outdoor antenna with a small footprint that doesn't attract attention .73, W4BN Dan





Dear Sirs, 

i am customer of your antennas and i can confirm they work and give great

satisfaction (i.e. It was about 9:30 p.m. in Italy and with the 20mt version

i had a contact from Italy to Ireland, what is really amazing is that the

antenna was mounted on my shielf near the windows, so indoor!!). In any

case, i am interested at the moment in the 11mt (27 Mhz) version, and i

would like to ask the following question: is it possible to mount n. 2

identical 11mt isotron antennas on the same pole, differently oriented, and

conneting them with a tee, (Two out and on in TX/RX coupler) and get better

results? My address is (ITALY)

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